Monday, July 9, 2012

Sister Clemica - St.Mary's School - Hackettstown NJ - 1953
Sister Clemica was my grade school teacher for fifth through eighth grade. I learned much practical information as well as good morals. She was stern but kind and unlike the stories I constantly hear about the nuns, she never struck or physically punished anyone. She was a wonderful woman and a wonderful teacher.

Mr. McLaughlin - Hackettstown HS - 1956
Mr. McLaughlin was my ninth grade science teacher (General Science). He made science real and practical. He showed us how everything worked from thermostats to electric motors.
Thanks to him I wound up being always inquisitive as to how things operate. I still occasionally retrieve things from the garbage and try to repair them just for the thrill of having fixed them.

Mr. Henry - Hackettstown HS - 1958
Mr. Henry was my high school physics teacher and he too inspired me to be inquisitive. I still remember some of his lessons and have even used some of his ideas in my own teaching.

Miss Tuthill - Hackettstown HS - 1957
Even her name sounds like an English teacher of yesteryear. Miss Tuthill who became Mrs. Micheals during my year with her forced us to study vocabulary and did her all to make us literate. Thanks to her I can still write a declarative sentence and carefully avoid participles that are dangling.

Dr. Gawley - Montclair State College - Montclair NJ - 1963
Dr. Gawley was my chemistry instructor for sixteen credits of my college career. I took his course whenever possible because I was sure I would learn from an excellent teacher.
He would answer any question no matter how inane and never criticize or condescend. I tried my best to use him as a role model for my own teaching career.